Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2019
3 assignments for the Workshop Imagine Peace
  1. Please invent/create a front-page of a daily newspaper with the headlines of main issues of a “normal day” in your country/community (do not bring an actual front-page!)

  2. Please create a poster with the main social and political issues which preoccupy teenagers of your country/community/time

  1. Please create a poster that shows the social, political or other issues that the world is facing which need to be attended at this point

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Mittwoch, 11. September 2019
Meet Evelyn, your host4peace

I am Evelyn
I started peacecamp in 2004. It was meant to be a one-time-project, allowing youngsters from Israel/Palestine to get a time out from violence. Meanwhile we are doing the 18th peaceamp and have four groups of participants - young Palestinian and Jewish Israelis, and youth from Austria and from Hungary. peacecamp takes place each year in July in a pittoresque region in the midst of Austrian mountains. peacecamp is meant to search for non-violent ways to cope with problems and conflicts.
I believe that conflicts are perpetuated because people usually do not ask themselves how they themselves could contribute to resolve a conclict. Conflicting parties usually point an accusing finger at each other: "YOU should have..." YOU should not have..."
Mutual accusations are a waste of energy and never led to anything constructive. I therefore want to challenge young people to think about the problems they face in their own region and to think of creative ways to confront them.
I also believe that it is necessary to get to know, to learn to listen to, and to understand other nations, cultures and religions in order to live peacefully together.

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Mittwoch, 4. September 2019

peacecamp 2020: make the impossible possible
preparations and deadlines

  1. Registration of participants:
    a) one participation sheet per participant (see attached), filled in and signed both by parents and participant – copy till 01.02.2020. Bring the original to peacecamp
    b) copy of passport (refers to the two groups from Israel only!) – till 01.02.2020

  2. Individual assignments:
    a) introduce yourself with your picture some information about yourself – till 01.04.2020
    b) 4questions4peace/before peacecamp: please fill in the questionnaire on the attached word-document – till 01.04.2020
    c) individual assignment: my life story book – a documentation of your roots, your own and your family’s life history – bring to peacecamp

  3. Group assignments
    a. 3 assignment for the workshop "Imagine Peace": (Send us till June 10th 2020) - see "assignments imagine peace"
    b) Culture Evening: Bring your own living context to the peacecamp.
    Feel free to show us a picture of your own country/culture with all its particular features.(present it at peacecamp)

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