Mittwoch, 1. April 2020
Meet Yumna Habashi, Palestinian delegation from Israel

My name is Yomna Habashi. I was born on a worm, sunny day in June in IKSAL, ISREAL. I go to study at Galil high school in the neighbouring city Nazareth. I live with my Dad Wael, Mom Raneen ,my brother Omar and my two sisters Shada and Shahd. I like to have fun with my friends, listening to music (especially k-pop or old songs), traveling, watching movies , eating my mom’s cooking . I love sport (swimming ,running , football ), jokes, sometimes I tell jokes but sometimes I do jokes, drawings . My favourite food is Grape leaves and my favourite place to go is my neighbourhood in IKSAL because I grew up playing there , a fun fact about me is that at the beginning of each year I write a list of goals that I really like to achieve in my life.