Samstag, 14. Dezember 2019
peacecamp im Insider 12/19

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Meet Katharina Mordag-Stöbich, coordinator of the Austrian group, Workshop Facilitator

Hello! My name is Katharina Mordag-Stöbich. At peacecamp 2020 I am in charge of the coordination of the Austrian group together with my colleague Lisbeth as well as conducting two workshops during the camp. This is my first time as part of the team, and I am very curious about how it will be and to get to know its participants!

My professional background is political science, I studied at the University of Vienna. After graduating, I decided to go to Israel for some time due to love and stayed for almost 5 years.

Currently, I am working for the Red Cross in the field of migration. We run numerous accommodations for refugees in Lower Austria and are conducting a youth project at schools in order to reduce prejudice and fear amongst the Austrian population when it comes to immigration and refugees.

Since the beginning of 2019 I am on maternity leave with my wonderful daughter and will be back at work by mid July.

I love to work with kids and teenagers since their openness, creativity and energy inspires me! In this regard I am looking forward meeting you at the peacecamp 2020!

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