Samstag, 18. Januar 2020
Meet László Hajba, Coordinator of the Hungarian delegation, Szent László High School, Budapest

Hello everybody! My name is Laci, I’m 31 years old and this is my 3rd PeaceCamp.
In my professional life I’m an English language teacher, educational consultant and a freelance materials writer. I’m also an openly gay teacher and LGBTQ+ activist in my school in Budapest. I care deeply about equality, tolerance, freedom of speech and critical thinking, and I bring these issues to my lessons as well.
I’m a good listener and a very positive person and I try to inspire my student with my optimism. I live with my boyfriend in Budapest and I spend a week or two every year working in England as well.
I’m also an avid gamer (board games, Xbox, PlayStation), runner, biker, sci-fi fan and computer geek, I wear funny t-shirts and I refuse to grow up!
I firmly believe that real change starts with thinking about ourselves and our impact on the world. Too often we are led to believe that our actions don’t matter, that we are powerless in a world of hatred and aggression. I’m here to tell you that you matter, and you are way more powerful than you think!
I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you in July. Until then you can connect with me on Twitter @ReadyTeacher1